my sweet, stinky Paris

Champs-Élysées. Photo from Wikimedia

In the recent innumbered days, working like a mad squirrel on something that might be called a ‘media library’ for the globe cleanup thingy* –  I’ve come upon several jolly things. And I’ve had it to my eyes and ears with copy-pasting text, and taken it up again (because creating libraries is so, so much fun).

And then I crossed that ingenious article about us in the Economist (and my professional cretinism says that the site runs on Drupal; true/not?) and for the first time, I read the comments.

One of them goes like that:

I’d be happy to see World Cleanup descend on the 16th Arrondissement of Paris where there is a growing glut of discarded Christmas trees cluttering the pavements. Then again it may militate for biodegradability…

…and it gave me a good, good laugh.

For I am quite certain that wherever on Earth I happen to go, I will always remember my sweet, overcrowded, noisy, stinky Paris. It is not something you can forget. Especially when you’ve done your very best to avoid it for a couple of years, but still stay just around the corner all the time.

* this, now, was supposed to be a clever diversion to avoid getting caught by google alerts that are catching everything else related to that globe cleanup thingy for me & the library