I’m in my choir rehearsal again. A nice offline weekend – for once – to take my mind away the e-mails, problems and innovations that I’ve been going through, all the while waking up to the thoughts of what I would need to answer, and even dreaming about the html code, sometimes.

But even the choir weekend is over soon. Just before I step out of the door, one of my fellow singers looks upon the badge on my coat. It catches her eye. World Cleanup 2012, she reads, and asks me to explain. Oh yes, I’ve blabbered about it now and then to people, but the concept is still not clear, or maybe it’s just too outrageous.

So I say it all again. Illegal garbage. International. Teams. Cleanups. A lot of work. A lot of fun… and sometimes, no sleep.

What exactly are you cleaning, she asks. Beaches? Parks? Or what?

I stare at her incredulously and choke out the only answer, the only correct and rightful answer I know, because in reality, I cannot even imagine the outcome, but this word just embraces it all: everything. Everything. We’re going to clean the whole world.

She stares back at me even more incredulously and says: you’re making a revolution?


She’s French – if she says so…