“She prowled the city on moonlit nights, and OK, there was the occasional chicken, but she always remembered where she’d been and went round the next day to shove some money under the door. It was hard to be a vegetarian who had to pick bits of meat out of her teeth in the morning. She was definitely on top of it, though. It was easy to be a vegetarian by day. It was preventing yourself from becoming a humanitarian at night that took the real effort.”
— Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms


Semiotics is…

Semiotics is in principle the discipline studying everything which can be used in order to lie. If something cannot be used to tell a lie, conversely it cannot be used to tell the truth: it cannot in fact be used “to tell” at all.
– Umberto Eco

Yes, you can

Individuals have far more power than ever before in history. One person can change an industry. One person can declare war. One person can reinvent science or politics or technology. The only thing holding you back from becoming the kind of person who changes things is this: lack of faith; faith that you can do it; faith that it’s worth doing; faith that failure won’t destroy you.
— Seth Godin, Tribes