Summon the Coatsy: volunteering, garbage and guerilla marketing (08/2012)

Interview with John Coatsworth, the marketing specialist for the cleanup action of Clean Across Nova Scotia (as part of the World Cleanup 2012 project). Discussing the clean tag campaign of CANS, volunteering in Canada, consumerism, waste problems and guerilla marketing in general.

In Estonian:  Kutsuge Coatsy: prügi, sürdgrafiti ja geriljaturundus (, 16.06.2012)


Shamengo – giving voice to people who care (11/2011)

They are people who have come upon incredible ideas; people who do something for their community and environment. People who care about themselves, others and the Earth; people who are not afraid – they might have started small and found a lot of resistance, but kept going and turned out into something big. Or maybe they don’t stop just because they love what they do. They are the people portrayed by Catherine Berthillier and her Shamengo program.


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