when you really desire something…

We’re sitting around the table and discussing what would be the goal of volunteers for France.

In Estonia, 4% of the population participated in the final cleanup. In France, 4% would make more than 2 million people. It’s utopic, says Patricia. Everyone else agrees: it’s unbelievable. We would make ourselves fools. Let’s take a smaller number. French – they are not able to cooperate …

Yet, I dream about 2 million. Me, an ignorant Estonian who has no idea of the policies and dreams of the French. Maybe that is why I dare to believe. Because in Estonia, impossible already happened. Singing revolution. Country cleanup. So I stubbornly believe that impossible can happen anywhere.

The only question is: how?

I remember of the big collective events of the Soviet Union – I didn’t see them any more, but the stories remain. In Estonia, many people hated the idea of the nationwide cleanup only for the reason that it was “just like Soviet time”.

So how do we do it so that people don’t think it’s something forced on them by the government?

We have to inspire them. I have no idea how but it has to be possible. There are guys and things out there who have alone inspired more than 2 million; more than 300 million people.

We’re six around the table. France is 60 million. Ten million people for each of us to inspire.

Homework for the next year: inspire 2 million people so that they would come out of their homes, believe in their ability to create a positive change in the society… and make it happen.

2 million people. I take it as my personal goal. French or not French; I’m in the global team anyway and communicate with many countries. I want my 2 million. It’s just a number. A scary number. But I don’t care.

The rest of the team agrees somewhere less than a million, I think… Not that I’m listening too much. I wish I could close my eyes, open my mind and just make it happen. The big change.

Paraphrasing Terry Pratchett, I can probably subconsciously hear a small crack somewhere in the Universe.

And I remember the words from Coelho’s Alchemist about how if you have a wish, the whole Universe will secretly conspire to fill it.

I’m kinda counting on that.


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