and i smile because

Having worked all week like crazy, I decided to take the weekend off. Well, almost off. It meant that for a couple of hours each day, I’d still be bothering people with my mails, ideas and whatever. But I think that taking time off and spending it outside actually contributed to my efficiency. During those couple of evening hours I started this blog (psssst! I never told anyone…) and tested our iPhone app, took a look on web stats and tried to draw some conclusions; and had some dreams where I was actually discussing my ideas with others.

Whew! @ the last one. Could say “addicted”, huh? No wonder when people ask me “how are you doing”, I reply: Let’s do it world! Then they listen to me for 5 minutes rambling about everything (basically: how cool it is) and then ask again: yes, but how are _you_ doing? And I say: oops, I don’t think I have a life any more :P

IDK if it’s good or bad. Kadri is right that I need to watch carefully and sometimes draw the line and take a day off. Go to sleep at a normal time, not work over midnight etc.. On the other hand, each morning I can’t wait to get up and get to the computer, to do things. Why? Because people are happy when I do things. Happy people = happy world. So simple equation. I wish everyone was like that! But it works really only when you have your Maslow needs satisfied. Meaning: home, food and nowadays: bank loan covered. And a boyfriend who is same fanatic about something in his life so that he can understand and accept that you’re glued to your laptop and he practically needs to drag you to eat every mealtime.

Sometimes I really don’t understand what fuel I’m running on. Passion? Fanatism? Love, maybe? Love for the whole world.

The funny thing is that I’ve done it before – overworked and out-burned, that is. Each time, I lasted for about a month. Now it’s almost 4 months of quite intensive workload and I don’t feel out-burned. Yet. Maybe because it’s emotionally so rewarding to work with all those people? We’re a happy tribe, in general. Although the world has its load of troubles, we are still smiling. I think it’s a good sign :)


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