how to change the world

About a year ago I was completely in identity crisis. Well, it’s something that happens to me every other week, actually. So it’s one of these days when I’m looking for the meaning of life and my purpose on earth and so on. I have Kadri in Skype and I complain to her: I want to do something that matters to the whole world!

Wait a minute, says Kadri. I know somebody looking for people like you :) – and she drops me on Let’s do it! World.

First, I helped them a little with the website and rest of the time, felt completely out of place. I had my own issues, too. It’s probably not easy to concentrate if you feel the need to think how the hell to pay next month’s study loan and stuff like that (especially if you haven’t had decent work for a year).

Now it’s another year and I’m back on track, working intensely since a couple of months. Mainly because of some people like Julie and Ahti who made me feel that I belong. And soon after I felt belonging with mostly everyone else, too.

I’ve been wanting to blog for a long time. First, I had an idea of corporate blogging and tried to sell it to everyone else. Some other people came up with the same idea and I think it’s going to happen. But I still have a need to tap my personal emotions and blurbs somewhere. It’s the biggest thing on Earth I’ve ever done – Let’s do it! World – and I want to record the chronology of changing the world for better. I want to share it. I want to do everything I possibly can to engage people into this idea. I don’t know how, but I know it is going to happen. Besides my stubborn belief, it’s also one of the inner feelings I have…


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