new way of leadership

I’ve been reading all those stories about the end of the world and “cosmic shift of consciousness” – now how couldn’t I ? They’re screaming at me from everywhere.

Sometimes they sound like you wake up one morning to discover that you’ve grown horns overnight and are now able to hear all the thoughts of the people around you. Kind of spooky, huh?

But while working with Let’s do it, world, I’ve been noticing things. Like Julie told me: “It is a very strange organisation. There is no leader, no boss. Nobody is a boss and yet the work gets done. I wonder how?”

How does it work like this?

Indeed, I think we’re changing the concept of leadership. Maybe even the concept of society. You see, Let’s do it! World is not about garbage, actually. This is just something that happens to be a problem now. But if there wasn’t any waste, we’d find some other problem to work on.

In the end it comes down to a simple idea: belief that any one person can change the world. It’s like taking the power and responsibility and putting them back to where they belong: to everyone. Changing the way people think. It’s very clearly visible in Estonia where the original cleanup has involved into “everybody do their own projects and find followers” but still on one day, together. And when I read the Internet comments saying “there’s still trash everywhere and what idiot believes that this model is a solution; I don’t want to work for free to clean after others!” when I read such comments, I find myself thinking that this is exactly what we’re trying to change – this kind of thinking. Forget the garbage. It’s the mindset – whether you’re an object or a subject in your world. We are people who believe that their actions and words matter.

We’re like a sky – full of stars, everybody shining their light.


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